Programme at a Glance

This Provisional program is subject to change.

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Available formats:

Topical Discussion

This is a 15-minute oral presentation in a moderated session shared with otherpresenters to illuminate different perspectives and experiences on the sametopic. The presentations will provide the framework for the subsequentdiscussion and will be selected to encourage debate.


A roundtable allows for extended discussion among a small group of colleagues.Roundtables are good venues for the hands-on exploration of case studies.Speakers are encouraged to provide insight into their topic and encouragequestions and discussion taking advantage of the expertise and insights of otherattendees to build ideas and possibly an output. Please note that a roundtable isan interactive format and that any presentations are limited to a certain length oftime.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where there is a show of a maximum of 20images, each for 20 seconds. The images change automatically while presentersare talking, so that the storyline of the talk is built around the chosen images.There will be no time to digress or get hung up on a detail but it can be a veryengaging and exciting session. Remember, the images of your talk automaticallychange after 20 seconds. There will be 6 presentations per session. After the talksare finished, the presenters and the audience will have time for discussion.


At a workshop, a larger group of people deal with a specific topic or question. Aworkshop aims at working together with workshop participants targeting acommon goal. Workshops are designed and managed by the proposer. Pleasenote that a workshop is usually a more interactive format and presentationsshould be limited. You can propose a workshop in collaboration with a colleagueworking in the same field and build an agenda with multiple speakers and/oractivities. Workshops can be 90 min, 3 hours or a full day.


The street will be your laboratory. A Walkshop an opportunity to use the publicspaces in the city to explore or carry out experiments, pilot programmes anddeliver direct interventions. You can facilitate your own urban laboratory and theparticipants will follow you outside the conference venue to the real urban fabricand discover your experience, ideas and research. Explore the city and itsperceptions of public space and experience the impact of your idea.


Perfect for young researchers, a poster session enables you to bring currentresearch work to share with delegates. Posters will be A0 in size and displayedduring the event as well as online, with a scheduled presentation to attendees.


An opportunity to walk and talk, typically a 15-minute Walk/Meeting is a way tohave a conversation on the move to discuss a particular issue while benefitingfrom the physical and mental benefits of being active in public space.


Typically 90 minutes on a particular topic or skill to help build capacity for walkingpolicies and projects.

Learning Labs

An interactive session designed to share and explore the good, the bad, and theugly of walking projects. We invite you to share your lessons learned from bothsuccesses and failures with honesty and respect.